These two images are the inside and outside view of a slab door. Two of the three windows are operable and slide up/down.


Hand blown glass elements are a nice way to bring an organic feel to the project.


This is a door I made for the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens.



Here is my “Orion Door”. It has the constellation represented with hand-worked glass stars which transmit light through the door.















I created a booth for the American Craft Council show in San Francisco and this large pivot door was the center piece of my booth.

DoorsIntheStudio FittedHandWorkIsKey KvinslandDoor3a NewDoorInNewConstruction

I made a door for a home in Sherman Oaks, CA that was a collaboration with Michael Heacock, the home’s architect.

Pivot_VerticalFinal C:UsersSunny ChancellorDocumentsArtstruct_Diamond80x80_GLASS PivotDoor3dPrintedBracket PivotDoor3dPrintedCastBracket


This next image is perhaps one of the most tactile physically… so difficult to be felt via a picture. The subtelty of the concaved surface is accentuated by the fine¬†grain of wood.

This CNC cut double door needed specialty handles so I worked with Sunny Chancellor to model the handlesets to match. These one of a kind components were 3-d printed.

ScoopedHandlesScreenshot2 ScoopedMelding3dPrintedHandle ScoopedPanelDoorRender-01


This home in Sausalito needed an extra special entry….


SwoopDoorDetail2 SwoopDoorInset SwoopDoorInstalledSwoopDoorInsetCloseup
TallOne TallOneDetail3 WindowBoxBeyond-openBox-closeUp WindowBoxBeyond-openBox-greyBac



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