These two images are the inside and outside view of a slab door. Two of the three windows are operable and slide up/down.

this next image is perhaps one of the most tactile physically so difficult to be felt via image doors. the subtlty of the concaved surface is for real and grain of wood fine.

Hand blown glass elements are a nice way to bring an organic feel to the project


This is a door I made for the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens



Here is my “Orion Door” it has the constellation represented with hand worked glass stars which transmit light through the door















I created a booth for the American Craft Council show in San Francisco and this large pivot door was the center piece of my booth

DoorsIntheStudio FittedHandWorkIsKey KvinslandDoor3a NewDoorInNewConstruction

I made a door for a home in Sherman Oaks, CA that was a collaboration with Michael Heacock, the home’s Architect.

Pivot_VerticalFinal C:UsersSunny ChancellorDocumentsArtstruct_Diamond80x80_GLASS PivotDoor3dPrintedBracket PivotDoor3dPrintedCastBracket

This cnc cut double door needed specialty handles so I worked with Sunny Chancellor to model the handlesets to match, which were 3-d printed.

ScoopedHandlesScreenshot2 ScoopedMelding3dPrintedHandle ScoopedPanelDoorRender-01

This home in Sausalito needed an extra special entry….

SpotTheDoor  StainGlassDetailStepsDoor SwoopDoorDetail2 SwoopDoorInset SwoopDoorInsetCloseup SwoopDoorInstalled TallOne TallOneDetail3 WindowBoxBeyond-openBox-closeUp WindowBoxBeyond-openBox-greyBac


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